Saint Petersburg company XOPC was established in 1994 for the purpose of extrusion and molding mechanical rubber goods production. XOPC was the first who began producing ignition leads from silicone. XOPC initiated the foundation of the holding, consolidating different companies. Since 2002 XOPC has been producing car care products.

ZAO XOPC-SILICONE was established in 2001. Principal activity of ZAO XOPC-SILICONE is the production of silicone goods which have unique heat resistance and elasticity properties, used in motor-car construction, medicine, power engineering. ZAO XOPC-SILICONE production is eqiupped with modern outfits and certified by the International Quality Support System ISO 9001 (2001), IQNet (2004). ZAO XOPC-SILICONE produces different products:

• Car spare parts. Windshield wiper blades, belts, gaskets with XOPC trade mark. ZAO XOPC-SILICONE has been always extending the range of products.
• Silicone baking moulds. ZAO XOPC-SILICONE has been producing silicone baking moulds since 2003. Heat resistance, elastic baking moulds and silicone accessories become more popular among people.
• Baby goods. Feeding bottles and silicone nipples have been produced since 2004. 
XOPC Trading House was established in 2003. Being the part of the Holding, XOPC Trading House carries out the goods promotion. Among customers of XOPC Trading House are such companies as AO "KamAZ", OAO "AVTOVAZ", OAO "UralAZ", "IZHMASH - avto" plant, "AVTOPRIBOR" plant, RUP "MAZ"

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